We have journeyed to many exciting destinations in year’s past. We have been known to explore an island in search of pirate’s treasure, go on an African Safari, skate our hearts out on both blades and wheels, visit llama, goat, bee, and jersey cow farms. Explore under sea life and outer space on the same day, experience the theatre, attend a wedding in Golden Gate Park, and enter the County Fair, all while exploring the joy in riding public transportation as well as our own chartered yellow school bus!


Our weekly field trips are not only fun and diverse but great opportunities for our  counselors to bond with  children in small groups of 3-4 kids. Our counselor’s energetic and engaging personalities enrich the experiences for our young Happy Campers!


So let’s pack a deliciously healthy lunch, throw on our walking shoes, slide into our backpacks, and see where this summer’s adventures lead us. It’s going to be great.


Places to Go

Super Summer Adventure Camp

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For the past 40 years we have had the pleasure of creating a vibrant and nurturing traditional camp experience where all day long your child played with his or her friends while enjoying their favorite activities. We proudly provided the best camp experience possible for every child. Thank you for having been a part of our summer!

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